The Wings

Flying Eyes sunglasses are the brainchild of Dean Siracusa, an experienced American pilot. His revolutionary sunglasses have become increasingly popular around the world due to their advanced features, durability and comfort. Flying Eyes are now available in South Africa, brought to you direct from the USA by Rayviation International.

The Vision

After spending thousands of hours in an airplane cockpit, Dean knows the struggle of sunglasses digging into the side of your head. Although his products were initially designed for use with a headset or helmet, its versatility and comfort makes it suitable for any use imaginable.

The Product

Flying Eyes sunglasses offer advanced features, including micro-thin temples that slip under helmets with ease and sit comfortably between head and headset for extended use. Designed from either Resilamide plastic or aerospace grade titanium, all styles are extremely lightweight and durable.

Focus on what matters

"Fly the airplane. Ride the bike". Pain and discomfort caused by sunglasses should not get in your way of enjoying life's adventures. Why not see for yourself the difference that Flying Eyes will make, leaving you to focus on what really matters!


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