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Who is flying eyes?

Flying Eyes was founded and engineered BY pilots FOR pilots. As headset technology improved (we’re looking at you, Bose), the ear cups on those headsets got tighter and tighter to passively reduce noise. As those cups got tighter, pilots and other headset-wearers began noticing that the rigid frames of their sunglasses were doing two pretty unfortunate things:

  1. Pressure from the clamping springs on the headset was creating leverage on those rigid temples, causing pain and discomfort for people who simply can’t risk flying without UV protection for their eyes. (All of our lenses have 100% UV protection without using polarization – though you can choose polarized if you’d like.)
  2. The gap formed between the cup and the wearer’s head by the frames were allowing noise leaks that ruined the purpose of the tightly-fighting cups. You can clearly see that gap here.

Our Styles

Yes, they feel great. Yes, they hold up in the most extreme circumstances.

We haven’t even mentioned yet that there are a bunch of frame styles and lens options to make you look cool WHILE staying safe. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our frames are made out of a super-thin, super-flexible patented material (Resilamide™) and the lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate.

All of our products are designated “Made in the USA out of imported components” and assembled by us in Austin, TX!

Absolutely! We’re pretty sure you’ll love them, but if you don’t: contact us at support@flyingeyes.co.za or call us at 081 016 4280 for return authorization within 30 days. We cannot refund shipping, but we’ll refund the purchase price of the sunglasses, plus any sales tax paid.

You can also exchange your Flying Eyes for another version, at no additional cost other than the difference in the price of the glasses. Contact us for more information.

We will be exhibiting at most fly-ins and aviation events in South Africa! Check out our events calendar and follow us on social media to see where we’ll be next.

For a list of retailers, click here.

Our first order from Texas will arrive early October 2021. Until then, a pre-order discount will be given for our first 100 customers.

Once our stock has arrived, we will send them by courier as soon as the order has been received and it should arrive within 2 business days.

Yes, replacement lenses are available and the lenses can be removed from the frame very easily. If you purchased less than 90 days ago or signed up for your product warranty and you purchased less than a year ago, we’ll replace those for free. Send us an email at support@flyingeyes.co.za for help with that! HERE is a video that shows how to replace your lenses. 

If you’re past your warranty date, you can order new lenses here: LINK

Flying Eyes sunglasses frames are made of extremely durable Resilamide and the lenses are Polycarbonate (Trivex if prescription lenses are used). It’s unlikely that your glasses will break during normal use. However, if they should fail due to a manufacturing defect, we will absolutely repair or replace them! Contact us at support@flyingeyes.co.za or call/text us at 081 016 4280.

The Solid tint lenses are the same amount of tint color and density throughout the entire lens, while the gradient tint lenses are darker at the top and a bit lighter at the bottom. The gradient is subtle so outwardly, people won’t really notice, but the gradient is very useful for viewing an instrument panel while at the same time blocking harsh sunlight through the windshield.

Yes, they are however, we advise against their use by pilots as they can interfere with viewing PFDs, MFDs and PDAs. While Polarization is excellent for cutting down on glare in places like when on the water, they provide no additional protection for UV rays. And, all of our lenses (even our clear bifocals) already include 100% UV400 protection.

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Let’s face it: There are a LOT of sunglasses options out there.

The truth is that Flying Eyes are different.